We're Mark & Eugene.

We run AskMeEvery. We didn't always though. Here's a quick history of AskMeEvery...


AskMeEvery was originally developed by Clay Allsopp and officially went live on September 6. The service allowed one question and was SMS-only. It was quickly picked up by Mashable, Lifehacker, and The Next Web.

Eugene began using AskMeEvery a few days before New Year's eve to track how much time he spent programming. The daily texts kept him accountable and motivated him to get better. He soon signed up for the Starter League evening courses to improve his skills.


On January 3, Mark signed up for AskMeEvery to track his happiness when traveling for work. After 3 months, the data proved that he was significantly happier when working from home. After learning this, he quit his job and started developing his own projects.

Around this time, Clay was accepted to the Thiel Fellowship. Though he wanted to further develop AskMeEvery, he had limited time to work on it.

Seeing that the site wasn't being updated, we reached out to Clay to ask if he would be interested in letting us take it over. Clay was happy to see the site transition to owners who would further develop it.

We officially took over in September and have been making updates since then, including multiple questions, email + SMS, and more. We have new exciting updates planned for the near future.

Thank You!

We are two guys who loved AskMeEvery so much we literally bought it. We hope you like it even a fraction of how much we do.

- Mark and Eugene