How does AskMeEvery work?

You sign up with a question you want to track. Every day, at the time you choose, you'll receive that question as an email or text. Reply with your answer, and then login to see an intelligent graph of your responses over time.

I'm new. Any advice?

Make your question measurable. When you respond with numbers, you'll see more interesting trends, gain better insight, and have a clearer vision for how to improve. As they say - "you can't manage what you don't measure."

Start with only 1-2 questions. Starting slow helps you focus on one goal and it gives you time to build the habit of responding daily. Once you have some momentum with AskMeEvery, then start adding more questions.

Pick the appropriate time and medium. Some questions require a timely response - send those as text messages. If you don't want to be interrupted with a specific question, email might be the better medium. Think about what works best for you.

What types of questions can I ask?

Anything! If you ask something measurable, you can reply with a number (ex: "35 minutes") and we'll graph your response. If you ask a Yes/No question, we'll graph yes = 1 and no = 0. If you respond with just text (ex. "I'm grateful for my family"), your answers will still be stored but not graphed.

Can I answer a question more than once per day?

Yes. We'll store all of the responses individually, but on the graph we'll display the average of those responses.

Can I set multiple questions to send as texts?

Yes. Once you add a second question, we tag all questions with a prefix, such as "@1: How many hours did I sleep last night?" and "@2: Did I work out today?" You can specify replies with that prefix (ex: '@1: 2 hours'), or just reply to the last question asked.

Why isn't SMS free?

Every text sent or received costs us money. If you find the service valuable after 30 days of using texts for free, we just ask that you help cover those costs ($2/month).

Can I use AskMeEvery with my clients?

We are currently building out 3rd-party viewing functionality for a variety of industries including research, healthcare, and coaching disciplines. If you're interested in learning more, please email Adam.

Have other questions?

Shoot us an email.