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The Top Five

How long did I sleep?

How many minutes did I exercise?

Was it a good day?

When did I wake up?

How far did I run?


Did I floss?

Did I eat breakfast?

How do I feel (1-10)?

How many miles did I run?

Did I take my vitamins?

How many cups of water?

How many pushups?

What time did I go to sleep?

How many minutes exercising?

How long did I practice Spanish?

How long did I work?

How many pages did I read?

Did I feel depressed today?

What am I grateful for?

Did I drink alcohol?

How many vegetables did I eat?

Did I blog?

People Love that AskMeEvery...

Comes to You

"I like AskMeEvery because it allows me to forget about stuff that needs to happen routinely until it needs to be done."

- Erik

Keeps You Accountable

"AskMeEvery helps motivate me every day knowing that I'll have to answer the question and be accountable to it."

- Kristen

Is Simple and Effective

"I love how simple and convenient AskMeEvery is, and how it just works."

- Haj

"You can't manage what you don't measure"

- Peter Drucker

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